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Tarot Reading by E-mail

I have been reading tarot cards for over 20 years and have been told I am very accurate. I do not like reading at fairs and festivals as I prefer to use those events to sell products I make. Also there is a lot of noise and distractions at these events. I do readings for myself and friends here in my home but realize it is not convenient for many people to come here. Due to the nature of my self employed work, my availability is not consistent.

I want to share my tarot reading talent and doing so by e-mail is the best solution at the moment. I can do the readings at any time, day or night, and can be sure I am not interrupted during it. The only down side for you is that the reading is not instantaneous, there is a waiting period. I do the readings as soon as possible after receiving the e-mail, see the Tarot Reading page for more info.

Book & Tarot Reviews

I have a nice collection of books about magick, rituals, herbs & oils, rocks & crystals, and other metaphysical subjects. I also collect tarot cards as I love the imagery on different decks. In the Reviews section of this website, I share my thoughts about these books and decks to help you with your purchase decisions. There are links to purchase these items on each page also.